ALEX HURR      Mixing & Mastering | Producer

Send Me The Link – Slowski. Additional Eng, Mix

Don't Putcha Hands – The Suspicious Jazz Roll-Ups. Engineer, Mix

Blurred Nights – Brookr, Mix, Master

Bone Music – Slowski. Additional Eng, Mix

Freely – Queen Sally. Master

Eviiil Owl – Evil Owl. Assist Eng

The Real World – Ben Mckenzie. Mix, Master

Sunny Side Up – Brookr. Mix, Master

Drag Car Racer – Scrub. Engineer

Power ReflectionHeavy Feelings. Assist Eng

B-Movie – The Suspicious Jazz Roll-Ups. Engineer, Mix

The Makings – Gloria (Live). Engineer

IBePuffy – Kisses in the Bathtub. Engineer, Mix

Fantastic Company – My Name Is Ian. Engineer

Hommages – Joe Armer. Mix, Master

Peldrút – Self titled. Engineer, Mix, Master

Scorpions – Brasher. Assist Engineer

Handbrake – We Climb Walls. Engineer, Mix, Production

Ironashley – Jack Cookson. Engineer, Production

Eviil Owl – Evil Owl. Engineer

Sugar-Boy Sweetir – Arigatto Flare. Engineer, Mix, Production

Two Drink Maximum – Rural France. Assist Engineer

Dansaluzia – Live EP. Engineer, Mix

Over – Alistair Addley. Engineer, Mix, Co-writer

Alex Hurr is a music producer, mixing and mastering engineer based in Bristol, UK.  He co-founded Axe & Trap Studios in Somerset and makes records internationally.

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